New presentation!

Posted on January 27, 2012 by


Title slide from Keynote Presentation "Keys to Successful Doctoral Study"

As a result of getting back into the routine of working with doctoral students, I was inspired today to develop a presentation to address some of the challenges that folks face when they get into a program like this!  And, since over the years I have come to view several key elements as important to success, I took a bit of time to put it all together and at the same time play with Keynote (the Mac alternative to Power Point)!

I know for sure that GRE scores are not particularly important, and even former GPA’s, although a factor, do not predict success.  Some (most) of the things that do contribute to success can be developed and learned, but often students (and prospective students) are not aware of how important these skills are!

Here is a link to the presentation … I would love to have your response to it!  In particular, I want to know if it “respects” the reader.  And, is there anything I left out?  Do you see anything that is too repetitive?  I welcome your comments and responses!