“Assigned Readings” – how do you pick them?

Posted on August 23, 2016 by


I recently came across a very interesting “Scholarly Kitchen” blog post on the future of textbooks, which you might want to read!  But in addition to the possibilities that it outlines for future potential to “curate” or custom designbook-845280_1280 readings for your courses, the post brought to mind the immense challenge we face in nursing in finding readings that address many of the “missing” issues in our standard nursing texts – social determinants of health, cultural challenges from the perspective of people who are part of minority cultures, alternative or non-western approaches to healing, and the list can go on and on.  To put it simply the overwhelming volume of material we do have to choose from adds up a a very limited, restricted, and often biased perspective from which to educate nursing students.  So let us know your challenges, and ways in which you have found to compensate for what is missing in the dominant nursing literature, and how to work other perspectives in to your reading list for students!

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