Are we ready for the challenges of 2017?

Posted on December 22, 2016 by


There is one thing that seems certain for the coming year – we face a historically unprecedented time of uncertainty and unrest around the world. Many of the “norms” of mainstream cultures and structures seem to be rocked to the core. Undercurrents in our social fabric that have sustained inequality and injustice for many have risen to the surface, and demand our attention as never before. As nurse educators who seek to embed the values that are expressed through the NurseManifest Project, it is time for us to strengthen our commitments and find new, and even bold ways to address the challenges ahead

Below is a list  of things on my mind as we approach the new year – please add other ideas, and we will develop blog posts that address how we envision meeting those challenges!

As nurse educators, our practice/praxis must urgently focus on:

  • Overcoming the “isms” that have become so prominent in our public discourse (racism, homophobia, class privilege, religious discrimination to name few), starting with honest reflection on our own inner thoughts and feelings that enable us to participate in sustaining those “isms.”
  • Developing ways to promote interactions with our colleagues and students that model caring, that nurture and support health and wellbeing for all, rather than demean and diminish.
  • Learning and practicing ways to overcome hostile interactions, to communicate constructively with colleagues and students who disagree with our perspectives, to learn from their perspectives, and use our insights to learn, teach and promote health-promoting interactions.
  • Disentangling the confusion over what is fact and what is fake, what is science and what is fabrication.
  • Resisting the forces that maintain advantage and privilege for some, while sustaining disadvantage for others – in our classrooms, faculty meetings, homes, and communities.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas!  And look forward to expanding our network over the coming year in order to support all in meeting the challenges ahead!