NurseManifest resource for teaching nursing history

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For those wondering where we have been on this blog since our last post — in January no less (!!) — we have been busy on the NurseManifest website organizing a nursing activism think tank!  The event itself will be in July, but leading up to the event we have developed an “Inspiration for Activism” blog series featuring nurses — historical and contemporary — who have worked in small and big ways to improve health and wellbeing through social activism!  This series has already prompted its intended purpose — reflection and inspiration.

This series will remain as a key feature of the NurseManifest site, available to use as a resource. There are two ways to access the series, which is titled “Inspiration for Activism: Part I” (yes there will be Part II, starting in August).  First, there is a link to all the posts by using the link to the “Inspirations for Activism Part I” Posts — you will find this link the Main Menu and the sidebar “Think Tank” menus.  Try it here: “Inspirations for Activism Part I” Posts. The other way to access these posts (my favorite!) is through the “Gallery” – also in “Think Tank” menus – Gallery: Inspirations for Activism Part I.

We believe that knowing our history makes a difference!  I hope you ill find this resource useful, and important!


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