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Disrupting Traditional Nursing Education

April 18, 2017 by


There is an article recently published in Nursing Inquiry that I highly recommended for all nurse educators who seek emancipatory approaches to teaching and learning!  Here is the citation: Tengelin, E., & Dahlborg-Lyckhage, E. (2017). Discourses with potential to disrupt traditional nursing education: Nursing teachers’ talk about norm-critical competence. Nursing Inquiry, 24(1). The article starts […]

NurseManifest Declaration of Solidarity and Resistance

February 1, 2017 by


As many who follow this blog know, on January 30th we posted the Nurses Declaration of Solidarity and Resistance.  In just 48 hours, we have received over 300 signatories, and a number of comments.  By far the comments reflect enthusiastic support, as well as indications that nurses are starting action based on the commitments of […]

Philosophy (and practice) of Nursing Education

January 12, 2017 by


Several years ago I developed a presentation that summarizes my personal philosophy of nursing education.  There is a strong emphasis on what the philosophic ideas imply for our practices – not only how we teach but what we teach.  I find that many times a year the content of this presentation come to the surface […]

Losing a nurse: Caring for nursing students

Last week, my school suffered the loss of a recent new nurse graduate. The student graduated in May, had recently passed the NCLEX , and last week she took her own life. While I was not her teacher (I teach in a different program on the same campus), I witnessed the pain and shock the […]

A Flipped Curriculum?

November 2, 2016 by


This concept recently came across my eDesk by way of a report about the University of Vermont College of Medicine initiating a curriculum reform that eliminates all lecture courses, replacing them with videos that students watch on their own time, and attending active learning classes in which an instructor facilitates small group work to solve […]

Nursing Faculty Moment: On loving nursing education…

I often wonder what keeps nursing faculty motivated and committed to supporting the growth of fledgling nurses? For myself, I found out that I was good at teaching before I became a nurse. I had a bachelor’s degree in foods and nutrition, and I  worked as a health educator with moderately to morbidly obese patients. […]

Doctorate in Nursing Education

September 6, 2016 by


It’s a pretty well-known fact that we need more nursing faculty. I am very excited to be a part of the effort to grow more nurse educators. Teachers College, the graduate school of education at Columbia University, has had a Nursing Education program for over one hundred years. In fact, many of us were taught […]

Nursing Faculty: Self-Care and Healing

It’s the time of year again. Nursing faculty are putting away their flip flops, washing the beach sand out of their hair, and heading back to campus. That is if you are a nursing faculty member who was lucky enough to not have to teach summer school, or work another nursing job to make ends […]

Stress and nursing education

It is summertime and the living is easy. Or so they say for many college educators who are perhaps “off contract” for the summer months. At the school where I teach, our contract ends at the end of May and we are not obligated to be on campus until the start of September. It sounds […]

On excellence in holistic nursing education

I am currently at the American Holistic Nurses Association national conference in Norfolk Virgina, and the conference as usual has been enlightening, refreshing, and heart opening. I was honored yesterday by the American Holistic Nurses Association as having developed a nursing curriculum that exemplifies “excellence in holistic nursing education”. The journey toward developing a curriculum […]