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Selecting a journal for your work

August 30, 2017 by


Many of the publishing resources in our previous post provide excellent guidelines for selecting a journal – but this brief animation is a terrific start!  Where it gets complicated is the ‘check” part when the evidence is not clear!  When you find yourself stuck – consult someone else for their opinion, and this blog is […]

Writing and publishing woes?

August 10, 2017 by


Many nurse educators face the challenges of “publish or perish” which, added to the extreme demands involved in teaching nursing itself, create stress levels that no human should endure.  Even for many who do not face the pressure to write and publish, the desire to do so is strong. Nursing, whether practiced in direct (bedside, […]

Nursing Faculty Moment: On loving nursing education…

I often wonder what keeps nursing faculty motivated and committed to supporting the growth of fledgling nurses? For myself, I found out that I was good at teaching before I became a nurse. I had a bachelor’s degree in foods and nutrition, and I  worked as a health educator with moderately to morbidly obese patients. […]

New presentation!

January 27, 2012 by


As a result of getting back into the routine of working with doctoral students, I was inspired today to develop a presentation to address some of the challenges that folks face when they get into a program like this!  And, since over the years I have come to view several key elements as important to […]

Academic Integrity: State of the Issue in Nursing | NurseManifest Blog

May 19, 2011 by


Welcome to the new Blog for Nurse Educators – “Nurse Educator Praxis.”  This blog is part of the larger NurseManifest Project, and you can visit the NurseManifest Blog anytime by using the link on the main menu of this blog. We have had several posts on the NurseManifest Blog that address education quite specifically, and […]